Good Opening

Essay Section: Introduction

The comment “Good Opening” is an affirmative reply. It applies to those introduction paragraphs that introduce the topic by supplying the reader with credible information and historical data. These are also introductions that clearly formulate a thesis, that demonstrate to the reader a clear method by which the writer will accomplish the task.

The introduction is the most important part of the paper. If the introduction is not clearly expressed, then you will lose the reader. If you lose the reader in the beginning, then you have lost the reader throughout the whole of the paper.

Devote care, consideration, and time to developing a strong introduction, one that explains, supplies, and directs. Think of the introduction as a director of a movie. As a matter of fact, think of yourself as the director of the movie. Who is your audience?  What do you want your audience to know? How do you plan to go about showing your audience members what they want to know and what you, as the director, want them to know?

Establish a strong opening and you establish your purpose for writing a paper. Click the “Introduction” and “Thesis” categories for access to additional comments on the introduction paragraph.

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