Set Boundaries with Other Responsibilities

You have to work. You have to take care of your kids. You have to eat. You have daily responsibilities that are unavoidable. The best method for handling these issues is to learn how to prioritize your personal life. Design a schedule for meeting your family responsibilities. In terms of the job you are working on, you have to work.  Either try to find a more stable job that can provide you with a consistent schedule or only go to school on your off days from work.

If you take one class a semester, doing this is still great, but keep in mind that consistency is the key.  Many times you can deal with the job and its many changes when you stop giving into the whims of your friends. We don’t have time, as we say, not always because of the job, but because of the fact that we haven’t prioritized and haven’t set boundaries around our priorities. Here are some methods to consider:

Method #1: If daycare is a problem, start researching new centers that might better serve your needs. It is hard to change sitters in the middle of a semester or job change. However, you can plan for a transition four months in advance. Set aside a day, typically your off day.  Research a list of about four centers, one per month. Each month, call them and find out information. By doing this you will have scheduled and prioritized a good plan four months in advance. Once you can determine when it is feasible to make the change then make the change.

Make sure it fits well with your job schedule also. Our objective here is not to make light of your situation, but to tell you not to let people put you in compromising situations. A babysitter who isn’t available for whatever reason forces you to take up residence under her thumb and under her whim. Yes, you need her, but also take your power back. Therefore, conduct research. The time you spend text messaging your friends or kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend you can spend researching information.

Method #2: If your job is the problem, follow method #1. Plan for a transition.  Research. Determine a date by which you can feasibly make a transition. Put extra money back if you can. We have the money. That twenty dollars a month we spend at Taco Bell can go towards a new apartment’s application fee or to a new sitter. The objective here is to plan.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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