Trust Your Voice

It is much more tempting and easy to depend solely on the author’s point of view. However, because you are in college, you must learn how to question and think critically about a work.

When you rely on the author’s viewpoint by allowing the author’s quotes to take over your paper, you essentially say to your reader and your professor that you have no position on the subject and/or that your position, your opinion doesn’t really matter. You must have a position in any writing you do for your English classes and all classes that require an essay or a writing component.

Constructing the thesis only lays the foundation; the thesis only represents your preliminary thinking about the subject. It is in the body paragraphs where you show your reader what you think about the subject, in-depth. If you don’t bring your views up to the surface so we can examine them, then your body paragraphs are essentially an outline of mere facts and information, nothing more. Always remember, if we want to read just about facts, we have many options at our disposal. We can read a dictionary or a history book to get any fact we want. Therefore, ensure your position stands out and trust that what you have to say is important, no matter what.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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