Brilliantly Done

Essay Section: Topic Sentences

Professors are not typically eager to write this comment on your paper. First, you must understand that when you receive such a comment, the professor is saying to you that you have “earned” the assigned grade. The grade of “A” does not represent a gift in any form. Yes, “Brilliantly Done” corresponds to the receiving of an “A.” These two go together. No professor will unconsciously assign an “A” and immediately imply “brilliance.” However, not every paper that receives an “A” represents brilliance.

When the professor writes both an “A” AND the words “brilliant,” then he is specifically calling attention to your work. He is setting it apart from the other graded papers. There is no way to tell if your paper is the first or the middle or the last. It is easy to assume that only at the end of reading all of the papers that your paper has received the highest commendation.

Professors never tell their secrets, so just assume that your professor is operating with strong mental energy, calling attention to his belief in your keen intelligence, great talent, and skill. Just know that a comment of “brilliant” is not typical, not the standard, and not comparable.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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