Lacks Chronology

Essay Section: Supporting Evidence (Examples)

Of all of the comments “Lacks Chronology” offers the most simple tips for revising areas of your paper that need the characteristic of a time line. While you are writing your paper, think about what happens first and what happens last. Very few literary works use a numbering and/or chronological system. You would never see a fictional work use time-specific transitional words such as “first,” “second,” “next,” and/or “then.” Therefore, here are some quick tips.

1) For literary works that do not provide these types of wording, in your paper categorize the events of the story and the ideas into a hierarchy.

2) Estimate the connections between the author’s ideas.

3) The best way to know the chronology of events within an article is to circle prepositions such as “after” and “before.”

4) In your own papers, determine the importance of the information you want to present.

5) Prepare an outline of what you plan to do first.  Depending upon how your ideas connect to the author’s ideas, always make sure your reader knows “when” something happens.  If something doesn’t happen “after” something else, then you must rework your paper to develop its organization better.

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