Lacks Integration of Readings; Lacks Unity

Essay Section: Supporting Evidence (Examples)

During the Civil Rights era of the late 1960s, the United States government ordered schools in the south to desegregate. Before the laws amending the constitution passed, minorities, or coloreds, lived apart from white citizens. In other words, the states weren’t unified emotionally, socially, and legally. Colored people primarily lived apart from whites, but they were also expected to segregate from each other. In many cases, all people during this era were not unified until the beginning protests of civil rights demonstrations initiated by Martin Luther King, Jr., for example.

These protests were necessary for reshaping America’s view of the Negro. King’s main purpose was to fight for the civil liberties and the humanity of coloreds and to promote unity among Americans. He set and endured this goal. He undoubtedly changed the humanity of America.

“Lacks Unity” is a comment that points to the need for unity, structurally, within the paper. When you establish a goal to write a paper and incorporate the quotes and textual evidence from the required readings, you must approach the task with the purpose in mind of unifying ideas. You can unify the ideas within a paper by using appropriate transitional phrases and related wording. Not every transitional word will function well within every context. For example, never use the transitional expression “however” if you are connecting ideas.

“However” functions the same way as the coordinating conjunction “but”; we use these words to contrast one idea with another, and/or cancel one idea for another. Instead, use the conjunction “and” and the transitional expressions “in addition,” “further,” “moreover,” and “also” interchangeably, because they tell the reader that more information follows.

In addition, don’t section off one author from another in separate paragraphs. Present a topic sentence that supports your thesis. Present one author’s views. Then connect the author’s views to the views of another author. When you discuss all of the ideas of one author in one paragraph and all of the ideas of another author in another paragraph, the professor doesn’t know what connection one has to the other. Everything is relative.

Everything relates somehow to something else. Find the link between each author and use the link as a connector within each paragraph. This method will help you to integrate your ideas and bring more unity between your ideas and the authors. Remember to always allow substantial room for your ideas to serve as the basis and foundation of your paper. The next task is to bridge your ideas with those of the other authors. By following this method, you will unify the ideas within your paper.

“Lacks Integration of Readings” is a comment that points to your misreading the exam question or final paper requirement. If the question instructs you to incorporate two readings and you only incorporate one, then you are borderline in danger of receiving a low grade.

You could make the case that you didn’t know that you were supposed to incorporate two readings, but your professor could also make the case that you didn’t know how to incorporate two readings and thereby didn’t. Therefore, read the test question carefully and have a good understanding of your subject matter.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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