Lacks Organization

Essay Section: Supporting Evidence (Examples)

A business plan establishes not only the idea and purpose for which a company will exist, but also it serves as a blueprint for the structure and organization of the company. The company must have a primary administration that places the CEO as the person in charge and secondary leadership directly under this authority. The company must also develop a hierarchy that allows room for middle management and supervisors of various departments and people.

Any future business leader must have a vision and must employ a mission statement. If the person in charge doesn’t know where he or she is going, or how he or she will carry out business daily, then the business will fail. In essence, an organized company makes everyone accountable for his or her actions.

A paper that lacks organization reflects the writer’s disregard for good planning.  Everyone is able and capable of developing an outline. Where you lack knowledge and/or capacity in certain areas, the library stocks a large source of information on how to write a business plan, or on how to construct an outline. I use “disregard” purposely here, because when you know that you are capable, when you know there are tools that exist to help you, and when you know that something will be in your best interest to do, and you don’t do it, then you disregard the thing that deserves priority. You do not give it importance.

A person who doesn’t “crunch the numbers” before starting and opening the doors of the business is a person who believes that all he or she needs is “know how” and energy. It takes much more than know how and energy to sustain the business. Anyone can get a license, create a name, make flyers, advertise, have keys made, paint, bring in furniture, change things around, hire people, and call himself or herself a business owner.  However, if this same person doesn’t know what is coming in and what is going out, which is the heart of the business, then the business will soon fail.

Similarly, a student who doesn’t first sit down to gather his or her thoughts in order to determine the best approach to the text and to the paper will have problems organizing the information. This is where students disable themselves. Similar to a CEO who hasn’t developed a blueprint for his business, and fails because of lack of organization, students who have not developed an organization plan (outline) lose the power to control the thoughts and the ideas that confront them.

They haven’t established where they stand.  All that is before them are what the authors say. In essence, it is important for you as students to “crunch the numbers,” to sit down and figure out a plan of attack, to know beforehand where you stand on the subject matter, and to develop a method by which to incorporate your ideology, as primary, and the ideologies of others, as secondary. Without a plan, you can’t measure success.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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