Explain Why This is Significant

Essay Section: Supporting Evidence (Quotes)

What is the purpose of looking for a job? Is it to get a job? What is the purpose of getting a job?  Is it to gain more skills (and to have a job)? What is the purpose of gaining more skills? Is it to be developed in a certain job field (and to have a job)?

We can keep going with the questions, but more questions are not necessary to outline what “Explain Why This is Significant” means. If you present one idea in your paper but don’t discuss how the one idea fits overall into the scheme of your paper, then you undoubtedly will receive the above comment. Always ask this question: What’s the purpose of “this” here in “this” paragraph or section? Why do I need “this” here? Can the paragraph function without “this”? In other words, what is so significant about “this”? Yes, be dramatic and add “so.”

Pretend you are asking someone else why he or she thinks one thing is important and do so in a fashion that is indicative of you challenging what your friend has to offer. Then you will be able to answer your own question. If you can’t answer why, then consider removing that idea, quote, or statement from a body paragraph. However, if you believe it is significant enough to include, then you must also believe that it is significant enough to explain.

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