Figure 1: Typical Response

Below is a typical response to the sample essay prompt under the comment “Ambiguous.”

For more information about this response and the essay prompt, see “Table 1: Sample Essay Prompt” under the “Tables” category.

You may print the response for class discussions.

Figure 1: Typical Response

 My thesis is King discusses segregation and the direct-action program. In my paper, I did not construct a clear thesis. My topic sentences did not support my thesis.  I should have added more supporting evidence. A quote I used didn’t make much sense. I should have checked to see if my quotes match my topic sentence. Therefore, my goal is to create a better thesis. I will devote whatever free time I can to scanning my paper so I can make sure my paper is done and done right. I will spend time looking through my books and looking for good quotes. The reason why I didn’t get a good grade on the last paper was because of my bad scheduling. I should have devoted more time. So, this time I will go over my paper for any mistakes. My paper will be ready by Monday to turn it in on Wednesday.Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.
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