Figure 12: Essay Excerpt on Wuthering Heights

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Figure 12: Essay Excerpt on Wuthering Heights

 Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights explores a number of key themes within its narrative.  Among the variety of themes such as imagery and symbolism lies the question of the unreliable narrator.  Perception in Bronte’s novel is expressed through the assumptions, guesses, interpretations, and style of language of two major narrators, Nelly Dean and Lockwood.  And secondary characters also embody these concepts.  Much of what the primary narrators perceive does not lend support to the overall interpretation of the novel’s narrative.  Their perception presents a certain fallacy in thinking, leaving the reader to deduce that they are not entirely reliable sources to the nature of the novelThis paper questions the underlying qualities of each character based on their individual assessments by examining the following role of perception:  circumstance, position (class), responsibility, as well as perception of situation.

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