Figure 15: Essay Excerpt on “Goblin Market”

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Sample Excerpt

The concept of fall and redemption will always date back biblically to Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve were the first two human beings created by God.  When Eve was led to believe (by Satan) that the apple she picked was good for food, she ate and “also gave to her husband with her, and he ate” (Gen. 3:6).  How this relates to “Goblin Market” is clearly implied.  Lizzie and Laura, the two main characters (sisters), are similar to God and Adam and Eve.  Lizzie consistently warns Laura not to buy the goblin’s fruits.  The goblins are the antagonists and they are synonymous with the devil.  Lizzie forewarns, “We must not look at goblin men, / We must not buy their fruits:/ Who knows upon what soil they fed/ Their hungry thirsty roots?” (42-45); and all the while the goblins are continually shouting, “Come buy, come buy” (Rossetti 1479).

Figure 15: Essay Excerpt on “Goblin Market”


1) Beginning with “forewarn,” what does God say to Adam?

2) Does God say to Adam “Don’t look” or “Don’t buy”?

3) What is significant about “Come buy, come buy?” Is it sensual?

4) What is the first image you get upon reading these words? Upon listening if you heard them?

5) How does the biblical fall relate to the fall within “Goblin Market”?

Revision Consideration

Remember it is not enough to say one story has a connection to another story without really outlining the connection. To parallel one thing with another is to compare one with the other in order to find similarities, to find the one thing’s match to the other, without tangling the ideas so that they intersect and appear as one idea in the final analysis.

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