Figure 20: Essay Excerpt on Ortega Y. Gasset

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Sample Excerpt

The real question is how do the masses think?  What is their process and how is it related to their will for progress?  Gasset connects philosophy to man and his will or lack thereof.  He does this through careful examination of the ordinary thought processes of everyday human beings, which includes the masses.  It is necessary for us to explore this because we can first get a clear view of how the “average,” or mass-man thinks, leaving us to understand how sound Gasset’s argument is.

The second aspect of the philosophical past is consistently committing errors, which are involuntarily transformed into the instruments of truth.  Truth is normally regarded as something quite unattainable.  It is reasonable to assert because “we are prone to think of error as being overly likely, which is less salutary” (Gasset 20).  For example, the contemporary addresses the existence of error lightly.  He thinks that it is the most natural thing in the world to him.  He never questions the existence and accepts the error as delightfully as possible.  At best, this continued acceptance to the existence of error can be connected to the contemporary man’s innate skepticism; skepticism deals in part with man’s inability to deal with truth.

Figure 20: Essay Excerpt on Ortega Y. Gasset


The first paragraph represents an in-depth examination of Gasset’s views, which represent a characterization of his attitude toward a major character, the “mass-man.”

 The bolded sentences in the second paragraph highlight Gasset’s method, his way of persuading you about his perspective on the “mass-man.”

The underlined sentences after the quote represent good follow-through. The student explores the quote and provides additional assessment on the author’s views.

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