Figure 22: Essay Excerpt on Heathcliff and Lockwood, Wuthering Heights

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Sample Excerpt

The reader reveals the confusion felt by Lockwood’s statement of Heathcliff, because his perception doesn’t ring accurate to what has already been said.  First, Lockwood speculates about the surrounding and the character of Heathcliff, but in another breath he “knows” Heathchliff.  This doesn’t necessarily say that Lockwood is contradicting himself.  But it does suggest “that the narrator cannot be neutral” and that the narrator is “openly uncertain” about the information he filters from the story to us (Marsh 10).  The information presented to the reader is thin and remains to be full through vague distances within the novel.  And Lockwood basically “. . . projects his own character onto Heathcliff” (Marsh 14).  But Lockwood isn’t the only narrator the reader cannot rely on.  Where Lockwood projects, Nelly Dean interferes with the story.

Figure 22: Essay Excerpt on Heathcliff and Lockwood, Wuthering Heights


1) Is the reader a character in the story?

2) Does “his” refer to the “reader” or to “Heathcliff”?

3) About what “surroundings” does Lockwood speculate?

4) What is the difference between “to speculate” and “to know”?

5) How can the information be both thin and full?

6) What are the vague distances within the novel?

7) How does Lockwood project his own character? What are his beliefs and what does he project?

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