Figure 41: FAVORS Quick Self-Proofreading Checklist

Below is the figure that falls under the “Grammar” comment. For more information about the comment, click on the “G,” “Supporting Evidence,” or “Quotes” categories. Feel free to print the checklist to use for your papers.

Figure 41:  FAVORS Quick Self-Proofreading Checklist


I. Have I typed on my paper. . .

_____  my name?

_____  my professor’s name?

_____  my course name and number?

_____  the date in reverse? (for MLA citation styles only)

_____  Do I have a title?

_____  Does my title actually relate to the subject of my paper?

II. What kind of paper am I writing? Thesis-based? Argument?

_____  Have I defined my goals for this paper? Do I present a clear thesis? Or, do I develop an argument?

_____  If my readers read my paper from beginning to end, then will they know “exactly” the purpose of my writing this paper?

_____  Do I contradict my thesis in any way? (If so, my argument may be weak.)

III. Have I analyzed my paper? Or have I summarized?

_____  Do I logically break down my analysis into parts and analyze each part?

_____  Do I only include plot summaries and present an “overall” view of the text?

_____  Have I answered my professor’s question?  Do I deviate in any way from the question prompt?

IV. Have I proofread my paper? Have I followed the rules of grammar?

_____ Are all verb tenses one tense within each sentence? Am I consistent throughout my paper?

_____  Do subjects and verbs agree?

_____  Are pronouns referenced appropriately? Do they refer to the right person

or thing?

_____  Are conditional verbs necessary to my analysis? (Can = certainty; Could = possibility)

_____  Where do I misuse and/or overuse commas?

_____  Have I followed the rules of articles?  Do I present articles?  Are they

properly placed?

_____  Have I used the proper preposition in each sentence?

_____  Have I checked for spelling errors?  Have I corrected these spelling errors?

_____  Have I followed MLA or APA procedure?  Have I cited all my sources, in-text and


Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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