Figure 9: Essay Excerpt of Student Paper on CHESS and Student Health Center: Gender Differences

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Sample Excerpt

Random samples in this study expressed that while women averaged three hours a day in housework in addition to a full-time job, men averaged 17 minutes; “women spent fifty minutes a day of time exclusively with their children; men spent twelve minutes, . . .” to add “working fathers watched television an hour longer than their working wives, and slept a half hour longer each night” (Hochschild 264).  How does this relate to the aforementioned example of the presenter (and woman) and the expected role of woman as a helpmeet?  Working wives are just what they are, “workable” wives, shaped into the ideal image of man; the same workable wives who have to compete for intellectual attention rather than the opposite.

Figure 9: Essay Excerpt of Student Paper on CHESS and Student Health Center: Gender Differences


1) How are working wives shaped into “workable” wives? 

2) What does it mean to be “workable”?

3) To what does “workable” relate?

4) Does it relate to “help meet”?  Economically?  Culturally?

5) Who does the working in the “workable”?

6) Who are the major key players?  The women?  The men?

Revision Consideration

Always define how you will use a term and/or theme within the context of your topic.

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