Table 1: Sample Essay Prompt

Below is a table that falls under the comment “Ambiguous.” For more information about this comment, click on the “A” category or type the word in the search box. You may print the table for class discussions.

Table 1: Sample Essay Prompt

Section of Paper/Other First Step Second Step


Introduction Identify your problem. Describe your thesis.
Research Goals/Methodology Describe your goals. Outline a method for how

you will complete the project.

Writing Schedule Create a writing timetable Provide a timetable

for rewriting Homework #2.

Literature Review Research more sources. Revise your source list

and provide a description of at least

two works you will use.

Professional Statement on MLA Revise errors in MLA use. Write a statement on how

you will incorporate MLA.

Conclusion Identify inconsistencies. Develop an impact statement

by describing how your paper

will have an impact on others.

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