Figure 36: Essay Excerpt on the “Mass-Man,” Ortega Y. Gasset

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Sample Excerpt

The reason why the masses are followers and not leaders is because leaders have the ability to promote teamwork.  A leader offers the concept of togetherness and the illusion of a man-to-man tie.  Moscovici contends that the masses are unable to exercise political power, nor do they have the ability to change the world or run the state: they have neither the ability to reason nor the gift of self-discipline necessary for survival and culture, for they are to a high degree the slaves of momentary impulse and susceptible to the influence of anyone. . . . (27) The masses are seen as collective and not as individual. When the individuality is lost, the masses forget their own interests and accept common desires, or desires told to them that seem appropriate for all.

Figure 36: Essay Excerpt on the “Mass-Man,” Ortega Y. Gasset


The student does a good job of providing a follow-up to the quote. It is not enough to just provide a few sentences after a quote. It is always important to finish that part of a discussion central to your argument.

The bolded sentence represents a follow-up to the quote. It represents analysis. The student focuses on the quote, its elements, structure, impact, and contribution to other paragraphs and to the paper as a whole. The analysis sentences represent an interpretation of the quote. In other words, the student completes the goal of explicating the quote before moving on to other areas.

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