Figure 39: Essay Excerpt for MLA Exercise

Below is an excerpt that falls under the comment “Must Be a Sentence.”

You may access the comment by clicking on the “M” category or by typing the title into the search box.

You may print the excerpt for class discussions.

Below is a sample excerpt where the student incorporates a quote without ensuring that the sentences before the quote and the quote itself represent a complete grammatical unit.

Sample Excerpt

Although Realists often portray themselves as being free of idealism, they still embrace the concept of accepting the “national interest” as an ideal: a one true guide to the formulation of   the public policy of states in this dangerous international system; failure to accept the national interest, or reason of state, is a prescription for natural disaster, an increase in global violence, and an irresponsible act that places private ideas or interests above public needs. (Doyle 19)

Figure 39: Essay Excerpt for MLA Exercise


The student incorporates a quote from a reference source, sets it off within the body paragraph according to MLA standards, but doesn’t structure the sentence and the quote so that they both represent one grammatical unit.


Even though you are incorporating a quote and setting it off within your paper, the set off quote must still represent a sentence.

For any quote you incorporate into your own sentence, the sentence as a whole must still reflect a complete thought.

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