Figure 49: Essay Excerpt on the “Mass-Man,” Ortega Y. Gasset

Below is an excerpt that falls under the comment “Right/On the Right Path.”

You may access the comment by clicking on the “R” category or by typing the title into the search box.

You may print the excerpt for class discussions.

There are cases in which you may be on the right path, but lack sufficient supporting evidence to determine your full understanding of the work. For example, in the first sample excerpt, the student maintains the path of her topic sentence. The student’s analysis represents a good understanding of the ideas housed within the author’s work.

On the other hand, although the student is “on the right path” in the second sample excerpt (Figure 50), she fails to provide answers for some of the implied questions. The student makes a connection between the fence Elisa creates for the flowers and the fence Henry creates for Elisa. However, she doesn’t provide enough substantial information to close the gaps in her analysis.

Let’s begin with the first excerpt.

First Sample Excerpt

The thought of the mass man being more clever only serves to keep him from using this capacity.  He possesses the most exact and circumstantial ideas on everything in the universe; but he has lost all of the ability to listen and hear.  Why should he?  He has all of the answers.  He knows everything.  He understands everything.  The only thing he does now is pass judgments and issue proclamations regarding his opinions and ideas to the contrary.

Figure 49: Essay Excerpt on the “Mass-Man,” Ortega Y. Gasset

The student’s analysis reflects the sentiments outlined within the author’s work.


A professor uses this comment to highlight areas within your analysis that are in agreement with the ideas and perspectives of the author. The bolded represents the student’s thoughtful and careful analysis about Gasset’s views of the mass-man.

Group Activity

1) What is right about the student’s ideas?

2) Reread Gasset’s work and locate the textual evidence to support the student’s claims.

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