Not Clear

Essay Section: Supporting Evidence (Transitions)

When something is not clear, it represents confusion to the reader. The thing may be an idea, point, discussion, or any related essay part. In this sense, the thing lacks definition, boundaries, and a clearly definable path.

Think about a window that you haven’t cleaned for a long time. There is dirt, dust, and dried rain on the window. If you look out of the window, from any direction, you would say, “Oh, it’s cloudy today. It looks like it’s going to rain.”  However, when you walk outside, it is actually sunny. There is no essence of rain, because it actually rained two weeks ago. What you see on the window from inside the home are remains of what happened some time ago. You just haven’t cleaned the window in a while. You are confused about the reality of the day because of the haziness and dirt on the window.

When your professor examines (looks through the window) a point you are making in your paper, and that point doesn’t provide clear, verifiable information, all the professor sees is haziness.  You haven’t cleaned the point, or removed irrelevant information. The point lacks the definition necessary to be useful to the rest of the sentences. The point is confusing. For example, the professor thinks that a point you make is in reference to one thing, but, in fact, the point actually represents something else entirely different.

The best solution to making a point clearer is to remove all of the haziness. Clean it up by removing irrelevant information. In addition, leave no room for ambiguity, for your professor or for any reader to interpret two meanings evoked from your point.  Never let your reader think that there is more to a point than what you have already presented as is on the page. If there’s actually more to the point, then make it your objective to include the necessary, relevant information.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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