Essay Section: Supporting Evidence (Analysis vs. Plot Summary)

To omit something is two-part: 1) you “omit” when you neglect or fail to do something and 2) you “omit” when your professor specifically tells you to leave certain elements out of your paper.

In terms of the first example, your professor expects you to understand and follow the guidelines he or she sets for the course in terms of writing and submitting papers. If your professor wants you to incorporate three sources within the analysis of your paper, don’t just incorporate two. You have not completed the assignment. If your professors outline the requirements fully and you decide to do the opposite of what they require, then they can rightfully accuse you of omitting certain elements from your paper. They have the right also to give you what you deserve in terms of applying a lower grade to the paper.

In terms of the second example, there will be times when your professor wants you to omit something from your paper because that particular idea is unnecessary and has no significance to the direction of the class. For example, oftentimes your professor will tell you to leave something out because the thing has no relevance to another thing, subject, or author’s viewpoints. Specifically, your professor is telling you to leave something out because if you don’t remove it, it will distract the reader from the more important points that he or she needs to understand about the subject.

Therefore, don’t view “Omit” as a bad thing. Just know that your professor is cultivating your writing ability by defining your skills and helping you to choose the best pieces of information to include in your papers so the topic you are discussing reflects a balanced and concise view.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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