What Author/What Authors

The student plagiarizes in the sample excerpt. She hasn’t provided a reference source to check the quote nor has she placed open and close quotation marks around the words. Let’s review the sample.

Sample Excerpt

Carl von Clausewitz, a great philosopher of war, wrote “On War.”  This unfinished classic is arguably the definitive treatment of the nature and theory of war (Authors).

Figure 43: Essay Excerpt on Carl von Clausewitz


Placing the word “Authors” in parenthesis represents improper use of MLA citation standards.

Revision Considerations

Go back and research to find out “who” said these words.

Always make sure to remember to cite your sources, because this is important. Give credit to your authors. They have worked hard to write books and articles, and related works. You do an author a disservice when you take his or her words and use them as your own.

See also the comments “Good Use of Quote,” “Introduce the Quote,” and “Misquoting the Evidence” for extended explanations.

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