Figure 61: Essay Excerpt on Ortega Y. Gasset

THIS POST IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Add a reference to Gasset’s work later. Last rev. February 8, 2012.

Below is an excerpt that falls under the comment “Sense.”

You may access the comment by clicking on the “S” category or by typing the title into the search box.

You may print the excerpt for class discussions.

Sample Excerpt

Several critics support Gasset’s assertion. They prove with their examples, observations, and careful analysis the validity of Gassett’s view.

Figure 61: Essay Excerpt on Ortega Y. Gasset


1) How do the critics use their examples, observations, and analyses to validate Gasset’s assertion?

2) What are the critics’ observations?

3) What are the critics’ examples?

4) What is each critic’s analysis?

5) What is each critic’s method?

6) What are the critics trying to prove?

Group Activity

1) Review Gasset’s work.

2) Answer the questions.

3) Based upon your answers, rewrite and expand the student’s analysis.

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