Too General to be Meaningful

The comment “Too General to be Meaningful” refers to your paper’s lack of details. None of your ideas connect and you haven’t established any relationship between your ideas and the author’s. Your ideas are vague. In essence, you haven’t clearly expressed your views concerning the literary work.

In revising general statements, always ask yourself why the subject is important to you.  Why do you want to discuss this subject? Then ask the following questions:

1) What relationship does my subject have to another subject?

2) What relationship does my viewpoint have to another viewpoint?

3) What relationship does the author’s viewpoint have to another author’s viewpoint”?

Once you establish the specifics, you can establish the connections, and you thereby bring in more detail, by default.

For extended explanations, see also the comments “Not Clearly Expressed,” “Specify (Be Specific),” “Theme?”, “Thesis Unclear/Need a Clearer Thesis Sentence,” and “Too Broad.”

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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