The comment “True” is close to an affirmative reply, signifying your professor’s agreement with the ideas you express within your analysis. Examine the following sample excerpt. Notice the student’s observation.

Sample Excerpt

In the beginning, Caliban is forced into humility, but now he opts to be humble.  He just gives up.  There is no mention of a dual conspiracy to get Stefano to kill Prospero and then Caliban try to kill him.  Caliban just accepts his plight.  If anything has been truly stolen from Caliban, it is his sense of pride; but even he contributes to that theft.  He definitely makes his plight with Prospero even harder when he tries to violate his daughter, Miranda (1.2.350351).

Figure 58: Essay Excerpt on Caliban, The Tempest

The student’s observation highlighted in bold represents an extended, observer’s view of the situation between Caliban and Prospero. The student’s observation is easily verifiable by referring to the play and examining the scene line by line. In addition, we can also study the implications of each character’s actions and motivations to validate the student’s claims.

For an extended explanation, see also the comment “Right/On the Right Path.”

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