Word Choice

In the following sample excerpt, the student personifies “presence.” Always think about the subject of your sentence. Now what do you want the subject to do? Let’s read the excerpt.

Sample Excerpt

The scenario presented by Killoran is such that if Lily should break any laws applied randomly by Mrs. Peniston, she is expelled from her aunt’s world.  But the presence of Selden dismisses these laws and introduces the idea of chance and doubt.

Figure 59: Essay Excerpt on Killoran, Lily, and Selden, The House of Mirth


1) How are laws applied randomly within the context of the story?

2) How does the presence of Selden “dismiss” the laws?

3) What does Selden do?

4) What does he represent?

5) What is his social position?

Revision Considerations

Always review the definition of the type of word you want to use within the context of your essay. Not every word fits or is appropriate. In order to know whether a word is suitable, you have to understand the literary work. You have to know the characters, context, and relationships. Only then will you be able to determine the proper use of a word.

For an extended explanation, see also the comment “Could Be Better Worded.”

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