Context Analysis

This can be a separate paragraph or part of one body paragraph. Provide the context. Analyze the context of the story, narration, argument, essay, or any other type of literary or writing piece you are discussing. Is the context historical? Is the context literary? Is the context biblical? Does the context include a year? What is the year? What is the date? What are the dates? What are the dates in range? Does the author provide a time period? What is the time period? Does the author provide the age of a character? What is the character’s age?

Who are the primary characters? Who are the secondary characters? What is the date of composition of the literary work? What is the relationship of the character’s age to the date of composition for the piece? In considering the year and date of composition, what happens during this time historically? What are some of the major social and cultural events that parallel the year of composition? What are some of the major social and cultural events that happen on the date of composition?

Make a distinction between the two types of historical contexts: 1) the historical context that the author provides within the piece and 2) the historical context you choose to research. What are the parallels between the author’s presentation of information and the historical context you have researched?  Does the author analyze the context he or she provides? What is the author’s analysis? Does the author evaluate the context he or she analyzes? What is the author’s evaluation?

Follow up with an explanation of how this context analysis fits within the scheme of what you are discussing. Follow up with an evaluation of the usefulness of this supporting evidence, whether good or bad.  Develop a transition statement.

This analysis method serves as a guideline for how to develop the body paragraphs of your paper.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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