Figure 64: Essay Excerpt on Venus and Adonis, William Shakespeare

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Sample Excerpt

Just as humans have a natural instinct to hunt (and gather), the inclination of love in Venus’s understanding should be natural to Adonis. Venus states, “By law of nature thou art bound to breed . . .” (L. 171).  In this statement, the need for continuity exists. And Venus is saying just as the need for continuity has its will, so should love. Love should be able to continue regardless; and humans should be able to carry out the will of love through the need for continuity.

Figure 64: Essay Excerpt on “Venus and Adonis,” William Shakespeare


1) Does the second bolded sentence represent a true analogy? Does the sentence represent the correct form of an “analogy”?

2)  How should humans be able to carry out the will of love through the need for continuity?

3) Which comes first: the will of love or the need for continuity?

4) Why should humans carry out the will of love? What is the will of love?

5) What is the need for continuity?

Revision Considerations

Before employing particular literary techniques, include a definition of the word within your analysis. This will help to prepare you for bringing two things or statements together that you believe are analogous. In addition, make certain that the two things you bring together are actually comparable and on the same level.

Group Activity

1) Reread the literary work “Venus and Adonis.”

2) Based upon the revision considerations, rewrite the student’s thesis.

3) Develop an appropriate analogy that best reflects the ideas Shakespeare outlines within the play.

4) Refer to the comment for assistance.

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