Our Habits

Analyzing the text for the purpose of developing an analysis is a difficult task.  We don’t learn how to analyze. Instead, we take the teacher’s essay prompt, skim it, push it to the side, and just start writing. We don’t develop a writing plan, let alone a revision plan. We just retell the story and hope whatever we put in the paper represents analysis.

We don’t take the time to figure out what “analysis” is, what critical thinking means, and how to convey to the reader the author’s ideas in connection to our own. All we know and live by is the five-paragraph essay and how to incorporate rudimentary statistical data. We have not learned how to coordinate our viewpoints with those of the author, nor have we learned how to maintain the tone of our essays.

We honor the first draft as the complete draft. In other words, we honor the idea that we are able to get all that thinking onto the paper and now we feel complete.

Our habits include waiting too long to write the paper and not allowing enough time to revise it.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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