Table 12: The FAVORS Analysis Checklist

Once you 1) have endured the process of understanding what you are doing (i.e., exploring, evaluating, explaining, persuading, convincing, describing, etc.), 2) have developed a pre-analysis thesis and topic sentences, and 3) have structured your body paragraphs, you must do one last thing before submitting the final paper to your professor.

You must perform a quality check of your analysis by using An, Aly, and Sis of The FAVORS Analysis Checklist.

Table 12: The FAVORS Analysis Checklist provides insight into the process of evaluating your analysis. This will help you perform the tasks that fall under the “Analysis Revision Tasks” category.

Table 12:  The FAVORS Analysis Checklist

Initials Acronym Explanation  Check mark
 A Account Account for discrepancies and contradictions.
 N Number Number the events in the story. Within a single paragraph, make certain to present the events chronologically within your paper.
 A Abbreviate Remove plot summaries and extended explanations that distract the reader.
 L Level Balance viewpoints. Match the cause to the effect.  Present the pro and the con.
 Y Yank Yank irrelevant data and support. These are statements that have no connection to the ideas within the essay.
 S Sample Take a quote and examine it against your own statement to ensure that your statement complements the quote.
 I Integrate Integrate the thesis throughout the paper.
 S Sand Correct grammar. Correct these particular issues: frag, ro, cs, //, mm, dm, shift, lc, cap*

Proofreading Symbols Key

frag (fragment)

shift (sentence shift)

ro (run-on)

cs (comma splice)

// (faulty parallelism)

dm (dangling modifier)

mm (misplaced modifier)

lc (use a lower case)

cap (use a capital letter)

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