Table 13: Outline of Character Actions in Steinbeck’s “Chrysanthemums”

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Table 13: Outline of Character Actions in Steinbeck’s “Chrysanthemums

Actions Student’s Essay Author’s Narrative
 First Action 1.  They both leave. 1.  They both leave.
 Second Action 2.  Elisa notices the visitor as they pass him on the road. 2.  Elisa notices a dark speck far ahead on the road.
 Third Action 3.  She tried not to look, but did anyway. 3.  Elisa tried not to look as they passed it, but she looked anyway.
 Fourth Action 4.  She failed to tell Henry that he’d stopped by. 4.  She saw the caravan ahead as the car passed them (the little covered wagon and the mismatched team).
 Fifth Action 5.  She comments that their outing would be good tonight. 5.  She said, “It will be good, tonight, a good dinner.”
 Sixth Action 6.  Henry instantly noticed that she had changed again. 6.  Henry complains that she has changed again.
 Seventh Action 7.  Elisa notices the plants on the side of the road that the visitor throws out.
 Eighth Action   8.  She immediately feels dejected and defeated.

Group Activity

Circle the verbs under each column.

Develop a paragraph for each column: 1) student’s essay) and 2) author’s narrative. In other words, combine all of the actions into one paragraph. Compare and contrast both paragraphs.

Refer to the student’s analysis of Figure 75.

Develop a revised analysis of the author’s narrative based upon the actions of Elisa.

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