Table 16: Keep, Revise, Remove Suggestions for Body Paragraphs

Below is a table that falls under the comment “Analysis.”

You may access the comment by clicking on the “Analysis (Glossary Comment)” and “Case Studies” categories or by typing “Third Part: Abbreviating Analysis (Task #3: Abbreviate)” within the paper.

You may print the table for class discussions.

Table 16: Keep, Revise, Remove Suggestions for Body Paragraphs  

Actions Body Paragraph Analysis Sentences
 Keep It is also clear to say that the protection from the cattle, dogs, and chickens symbolizes protection from outsiders.
 Revise At the sound of his voice is when she can start.Henry never included her in any of his business.
 Remove(Abbreviate) It is evident that the fence that protected the flowers was put there also to protect Elisa.Henry protected Elisa in the same way she protected her flowers.

Everything had become so traditional that she had become accustomed to waiting until he finished his business to start her daily activity.

No one could get close or converse with Elisa.

She was best seen and not heard.

Group Activity

Step #3: Keep, Revise, and Remove analysis sentences falls under “Third Part: Abbreviating Analysis (Task #3: Abbreviate).”

To keep a sentence means that your sentences correlate with the events in the story. To revise a sentence means that you may have some parts that will be misleading to the reader, but you can easily rectify the problem with a word change, for example. To remove a sentence means that your sentence is filled with contradictions about events and implications that have no relation to the narrative itself.

1) For an in-class group activity, separate into groups of two to four students and exchange papers.

2) Evaluate the student’s paper.

3) Use the keep, revise, and remove techniques.

4) For each student’s paper, keep sentences that accurately convey the author’s point view, revise sentences that may might mislead the reader, and remove sentences that reflect contradiction.

5) Return the student’s paper and provide an explanation.

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