Analysis Acronym (Revision)

The Analysis Acronym (Revision) represents the following:

A: Account

N: Number

A: Abbreviate

L: Level

Y: Yank

S: Sample

I: Integrate

S: Sand

The acronym falls under particular tasks designed to help you revise areas of your essay. The tasks include the following:

Task #1: Account

Account for discrepancies and contradictions.

Task #2: Number

Number the events in the story. Within a single paragraph, make certain to present the events chronologically within your paper.

Task #3: Abbreviate

Remove plot summaries and extended explanations that distract the reader.

Task #4: Level

Balance viewpoints. Match the cause to the effect.  Present the pro and the con.

Task #5: Yank

Yank irrelevant data and support. These are statements that have no connection to the ideas within the essay.

Task #6: Sample

Take a quote and examine it against your own statement to ensure that your statement complements the quote.

Task #7: Integrate

Integrate the thesis throughout the paper.

Task #8: Sand

Correct grammar. Correct these particular issues: frag, ro, cs, //, mm, dm, shift, lc, cap*

Click here to print The FAVORS Analysis Checklist (Table 12).

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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