Table 21: Paragraph Comparisons, “Chrysanthemums” (Squaring Your Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs Exercies)

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Table 21: Paragraph Comparisons, “Chrysanthemums” (Squaring Your Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs Exercise)

Introduction Paragraph Conclusion Paragraph 
In “Chrysanthemums” John Steinbeck, the author, focuses on Elisa Allen, one of the main characters.  She is presented as weak in that her daily activity consisted of tending her garden of chrysanthemums; Steinbeck focuses on how they provide insight into Elisa and how she relates to them, religiously.  He implies that even though she fits a weak character, there are places in the narrative at the beginning that suggest some strong points and her longing towards the end.  There are a number of inferences that Steinbeck clearly illustrates how she is presented as weak and should therefore be discussed. Elisa is clearly painted as a weak character.  She is a lonely and detached woman.  The chrysanthemums created a distraction from her loneliness, her isolation because of the fence around her, and the feelings of inadequacy.  Towards the end she questions whether or not she is strong.  Steinbeck provides a clear insight into Elisa and her garden of chrysanthemums.  Henry places a protective hold on Elisa, just as she is possessive over her chrysanthemums. Elisa started out as strong, but ended up as weak and somewhat resentful to the fact.  

Group Activity

1) Critique the paragraphs.

2) On a separate sheet of paper outline the differences between the theses of both paragraphs.

3) Number the theses.

4) Determine if the parts of the introduction correspond to the parts of the conclusion.

5) Discuss your rationalizations.

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