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The FAVORS Glossary is a list of popular feedback comments professors write within the margins of student essays.

The glossary grows from a primary concern for college students who struggle with the process of revising academic papers. It serves as a comprehensive solution to bridge the communication gap between English professors and students of writing and research papers. It answers the question, “What does my professor mean by this?”

The mission of the glossary is to provide the definitions of common margin comments English professors use as grading tools; serve as an online, self-help resource for both English professors and for students; suggest and design practical methods for teaching revision; and start a national dialogue where students can “add” comments professors have used to grade their papers.

The FAVORS Glossary functions as an online teaching blog.

Unique Features

The FAVORS Glossary online teaching blog derives from the writing textbook titled “The FAVORS Glossary: Guide to Using Margin Comments for Revising Academic Papers (Self-Help Version). The textbook is currently in development for print publication and commercial distribution.

Both the print and online version house over 150 margin comments; practical teaching and academic life tips; in-class group activity worksheets (printable); and revision tasks to help students develop revision planning objectives.

The glossary functions similarly to the university English department’s “drop-in writing tutor.” Therefore, it is conversational in tone.

To be sure, the glossary is not research-based. Instead, it uniquely represents a self-help tool for college writers of research papers. It grows from  the personal experiences of our teachers and students of English and writing.


The mission of The FAVORS Glossary is to provide a uniform code of margin comments and close the communication gap between teacher and student.

Our goal is to serve as the premier online resource for college writers who struggle with understanding and applying margin comments during the revision writing process.


The FAVORS Glossary presents margin comments as blog teaching posts, which include both content and references to parts of a student’s sample paper on Steinbeck’s “Chrysanthemums” and additional essays.

A margin comment post falls under a particular category and may include a figure represented as an essay excerpt or a checklist; and/or a table. With this in mind, we provide links between margin comments, figures, tables, and categories. Some of the figures form the basis for group/homework activity worksheets. They are practical teaching tools for ushering in-class peer group discussions.

The glossary provides Analysis Revision Tasks where students will learn how to correct papers for logic, chronology, cohesion, and supporting evidence.

The glossary also offers academic life tips and additional practical teaching tools in the form of case studies.

About the Author

Regina Y. Favors is the author of The FAVORS Glossary.

Ms. Favors currently serves as the President and Editorial Director of Favors Writing Management, a content development and communications management company specializing in professional writing, editing, and blog management solutions. FWM is the commercial services arm of Favors Learning Center (FLC), a learning management solutions company.

Ms. Favors is the CEO and Chief Instructional Designer of FLC. Ms. Favors is responsible for the design of educational support services and curriculum development solutions for government and local business industries.

Ms. Favors first wrote the glossary as quick-reference checklists for drop-in writing tutors of various university and college campuses. Through careful planning, Ms. Favors subsequently evolved the checklists into a writing textbook companion, which primarily functions as an off-campus tutor.


Favors Learning Center designs the content and structure of The FAVORS Glossary.

Favors Writing Management designs and manages the online distribution of content.


The FAVORS Glossary is currently in development.

Although we have added all of the comments and figures, we continue to revise content for grammar, logic, and graphic visibility. We are in the process of adding links between figures and PDF and Word documents.

We are also adding more “Guide” pages (linkable) to help teachers and students understand the structure of the glossary so that material is easily retrievable.

Bear with us as we develop the blog to maximize its fullest potential.

Feel free to click on any one of the categories to access information about a comment.

Use the “Guide” tab to help you locate information quickly.

The “Index” tab houses links to all of the comments; we have alphabetized them to help students locate a comment that might apply to their papers.

We are grateful that you stopped by and please visit us again. Tell a friend about The FAVORS Glossary.

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