Framing What You Understand

Think clearly about what you want the reader to know and understand about the literary work. Then reread the literary work, those particular parts you want to include as sections within your analysis. Make certain that you understand the work completely. Be thorough and take notes. After this, write out what you understand. Check it to be sure it parallels what the author writes.

Then begin to develop an analysis based upon your understanding of the text. Use third-person singular or plural to present characters and other ideas. Once you have established a sound understanding and well-written prose now think about the reader. What specifically do you want the reader to know about the particular literary work, characters, and author? Craft one sentence, something similar to a mission statement.

This quick-reference topic falls under the post “Figure 67: Essay Excerpt from Student Paper, “The Legacy of Conquest.” You may click the link to view the post. Figure 67 falls under the comment “Unclear What You Mean By.”

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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