Rule on Developing Analogies

Before employing particular literary techniques, include a definition of a word you want to use within your analysis. In other words, define how you will use the word in terms of developing an analogy. This will help to prepare you for bringing two things or statements together that you believe are analogous. In addition, make certain that the two things you bring together are actually comparable and on the same level.

For example, you can’t compare a dog and a goldfish. These animals derive from two different families and varieties; one walks the earth and the other lives and breathes in a fish bowl. They are not on the same level. However, you can compare two different types of dogs. You can compare their makeup, eating habits, and types of breeding.

Therefore, as you revise your paper, search for key literary words you have used within your paper, go back and review the definitions of those words, and check to make certain that your example actually reflects the meaning of the words.

This quick-reference topic falls under the post “Unclear.” You may click the link to view the post. Review Figure 64 and Figure 65 for group activity tips.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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