Using the Tool of Repetition

On an academic level, the most central reason why we use repetition as a tool within our papers is because we are at a loss for words. We have not allowed sufficient time to conduct research on the topic and on the literary work. In essence, if we knew the topic well and read the work thoroughly, we would have sufficient tools to create the analysis of our papers. We wouldn’t have to grasp for words or ideas, because the topic and the author’s work is doubly rich in content.

The best solution for revising repetitious wording is to locate those areas where you repeat phrases, statements, and ideas substantially. Remove the repetition or rephrase the sentence. If your rephrased sentence provides the same ideas as the sentence that precedes it, then remove the rephrased sentence altogether. In addition, always trust that your professor has understood your points. When your professor writes “repetition,” she is saying to you that the repetition is distracting and that it is redundant.

This quick-reference topic falls under the comment “Repetition/Repetitious.” You may click the link to view the post.

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