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Set Boundaries with Procrastination

When we procrastinate, we say to ourselves that the goal is not worth achieving.

Your vision, your dream, needs your attention constantly and consistently. What you do now determines your end. Either you will become a mediocre leader or a leader who pursues excellence. In both instances, you are still a leader. When you don’t learn how to set boundaries, you essentially contribute to your own mediocrity, because you never allow time to perfect your gift or talent. Remember that you always harvest what you plant.

We need people. This is a given. We are all interdependent. Each person we come in contact with is necessary for our progress. We can’t say to people we don’t need them. We can’t do without people, so I am not saying cut off all of your friends. Each of your friends has something to teach you.  Each family member and friend has something you need on your journey to becoming a leader. However, you have to know when a person’s time in your life is over. Some people are in your life for just a season. Some people are in your life for a lifetime.  You have to know the difference. Otherwise, if you don’t learn how to set boundaries early, you will sabotage your success and you will have only yourself to blame.

These different types of friends and family members all represent people you will encounter later when you become a leader. Since you are now experiencing these issues today and since you will see a representation of them again, this is the time to practice handling these issues. Practice not doing something for someone. Practice making people do what they need to do for themselves. Practice uprooting weeds. You can’t lead people who are leading you. Practice makes perfect.

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