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Welcome to The FAVORS Glossary!

The FAVORS Glossary is a list of popular feedback comments professors write within the margins of student essays.

The glossary grows from a primary concern for college students who struggle with the process of revising academic papers. It serves as a comprehensive solution to bridge the communication gap between English professors and students of writing and research papers. It answers the question, “What does my professor mean by this?”

The mission of the eLearning glossary is to provide the definitions of common margin comments English professors use as grading tools; serve as an online, self-help resource for both English professors and for students; suggest and design practical methods for teaching revision; and start a national dialogue where students can “add” comments professors have used to grade their papers.

In essence, The FAVORS Glossary functions as an instructional website.


Thank you for your patience (last rev. January 21, 2019).

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