Strategic Direction


The vision of The FAVORS Glossary is to become the premier online resource for English professors and college students tasked with the goals of both writing and revising academic papers.


The mission of The FAVORS Glossary is seven-fold:

  • Provide the definitions of common margin comments English professors use as grading tools
  • Serve as an online resource for both English college professors and for students who have to submit academic papers within all disciplines
  • Teach revision
  • Suggest practical methods for implementing the revision process into the English curriculum
  • Design revision teaching resources, guides, and in-class activity documents
  • Offer self-help resources for college success
  • Start a national dialogue by allowing visitors to add comments

Additional plans for the glossary include adapting the content to print format and developing a research-based version.

The purpose of the online glossary is to function as a teaching blog.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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