Current Status

The eBook, The FAVORS Glossary: Guide to Using Margin Comments for Revising Academic Essays, is a product of Revision Today, a working academic textbook currently in development. Revision Today is research-based. 

The FAVORS Glossary: A Revision Writing Teaching Blog serves as an eLearning component of the eBook and it derives from the print version, which is currently under review for (print) publication and commercial distribution.


Written by Regina Y. Favors in 2004, The FAVORS Glossary began with a multitude of purposes. From 2007 to the present day, the name of the book has undergone different title changes to reflect its ongoing purpose. The original names for the glossary were “The Favors Guide to Professor’s Comments” and “The Favors Glossary of Commonly Annotated Professor’s Comments.”

The glossary initially served as merely a handy reference tool (i.e., checklists) for students who needed clarity about a comment. The purpose was to encourage students to use the glossary as a guide for understanding their professor’s comments. Favors envisioned the process in this way: Students take their paper, refer to the glossary, read the definition of the comment, and use the ideas expressed within the comment as a guide for revising the paper. This was the original purpose for the glossary.

In January of 2011, the mission for the glossary changed from functioning as only a reference source to becoming an academic textbook, aptly titled Revision Today. The original titles confused higher education textbook publishers. The new title and the content of the book introduce principles concerning the revision process.

In April of 2011, FWM President & Editorial Director Regina Y. Favors reviewed Revision Today and the glossary that formed the basis of the textbook and decided to divide the book into three entities: 1) a research-based academic textbook, 2) a separate print version of the glossary, and 3) an online teaching resource for the glossary.

Therefore, Revision Today will not function as a mere supplement to a current course-adopted text.  Instead, the purpose of the textbook will be to become a primary text within English and writing classes and to transform also the English curriculum.

With this in mind, as of August 2011, The FAVORS Glossary serves today as an academic writing self-help tool for students and graduate instructors of English and writing classes. The FAVORS Glossary is the online teaching resource supplement for Revision Today. The glossary is available through both print and online mediums.

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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