Current Projects


Senior editors of Favors Learning Center (FLC) write and develop academic textbooks on the subjects of English and revision writing. FWM manages the online content of FLC textbooks. Favors Learning Center is the parent company of Favors Writing Management.

FWM writes and prepares graduate business textbooks on the foreclosure process for course adoption and commercial guidebooks on popular business topics. FWM is currently developing a textbook and a WordPress blog on the subject of foreclosure investing. FWM is also developing the curriculum for the FWM Online University.

FWM’s current projects include the following:

A. Foreclosure Investing: Principles and Strategies

Foreclosure Investing is a working manuscript. The primary purpose of the book is to provide a comprehensive view of foreclosure law, mortgage modification practices, and real estate investing strategies. The book will function as an academic textbook, suitable for graduate business and law school studies. It will prepare graduate business students formally for entry into the real estate and foreclosure investing field.

  • Current Status: Researching Topic, Developing Content

B. WordPress Blog on Foreclosure Investing

Coming soon is a foreclosure investing blog for industry professionals and new entrepreneurs who want to enter the field.

  • Current Status: Researching Topic, Developing Content, Preparing for Online Publication

C. WordPress Blog: The Favors Glossary

The Favors Glossary is an online blog for the English textbook Revision Today, which will offer an in-depth exploration of the revision process. FWM currently manages the online content for the glossary.

  • Current Status: In Current Development

D. Business Services

FWM is developing two additional business services categories: Blog Management and Social Media Site Development (Facebook).

  • Current Status: Researching Topics, Securing Web Development Solutions

E. FWM Online University

FWM is developing guidelines and the curriculum for the online university. Courses will fall under undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Foreclosure Investing will be a research-based and practical education program offered by the university.

  • Current Status: Researching Topics, Developing Curriculum

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