Analysis Revision Tasks

The following tasks fall under the Analysis Acronym (Revision) category.

The ANALYSIS Acronym stands for Account, Number, Abbreviate, Level, Yank, Sample, Integrate, and Sand.

  • Account: Account for discrepancies. Identify gaps in chronology.
  • Number: Correct mismatched chronology.
  • Abbreviate: Remove plot summaries and revise quotes.
  • Level: Balance viewpoints and square your analysis.
  • Yank: Delete irrelevant and relevant supporting evidence.
  • Sample: Sample quotes and examine them in light of your own statements to ensure they are both complementary.
  • Integrate: Incorporate the thesis throughout the analysis to ensure conformity.
  • Sand: Revise for grammar, which is the very last part of the revision process.

We use the acronym to create the following revision writing tasks. You may click on any one of the links to access the posts.

Task #1: Account

Task #2: Number

Task #3: Abbreviate

Task #4: Level

Task #5: Yank

Task #6: Sample

Task #7: Integrate

Task #8: Sand

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