Structure and Chapters

The FAVORS Glossary encourages multiple drafting.

With this in mind, margin comments fall under the chapters and drafting categories below:

Part One: Readings and Samples

List of References to Textual Readings

Part Two: Understanding the Drafting Processes

Chapter 1: The First Draft

Chapter 2: The Second Draft

Chapter 3: The Third Draft

Part Three: Understanding the Revision Processes

Chapter 4: Revising the Introduction

Chapter 5: Revising the Thesis

Chapter 6: Revising Topic Sentences

Chapter 7: Revising Supporting Evidence

Chapter 8: Revising for Transition, Unity, and Organization (Body Paragraphs)

Part Four: The Post-Revision Evaluation Process

Chapter 9: Revising the Analysis

Chapter 10: Revising the Conclusion

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved.

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