The FAVORS Glossary grows from my concern for college students who struggle with revising academic papers, managing their revision schedule, and applying the professor’s margin comments throughout the revision process. Professors red-ink students’ papers with such comments as “be specific” or “explain this more.” Students receive the papers back and don’t know where to begin. They don’t know how to approach revising the thesis, topic sentences, supporting evidence, analysis, and other essay-related sections.

As a former student, graduate TA, drop-in writing tutor, and English adjunct instructor, I have witnessed first-hand the college students’ difficulty with test (essay) prompts and take-home final exams. I have witnessed also their struggles with creating an essay that fully reflects the professor’s instructions. For example, professors require students to analyze a literary work, but students develop plot summary. They don’t know the difference between analyzing and retelling the story. In my own struggles as a college student, I could never understand what my professors were telling me when they wrote/said “much more could be said here” and “discuss this.”  The whole academic writing process became more and more frustrating as the years came and went.  It wasn’t until I served as a student drop-in writing tutor for the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies at San Diego State University that I came to understand why students have trouble with writing and revising the academic essay.

My service as a drop-in writing tutor was valuable. It was instrumental in my decision to write this textbook and also to create the learning center. The FAVORS Glossary serves as the first foundational resource for The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center (d.b.a., Favors Learning Center), which functions as a learning management solutions company. It was in writing this textbook that I realized college students need a centralized tutoring location to receive assistance with revising their essays. English campus departments and tutorial writing centers often do not have the financial ability economically to provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so I wanted to develop a resource that students could use while they were at home. Not every student wants to get dressed to go to a tutorial center for help, even if the center is available, in some cases, for use all night. Instead, pulling a resource off the shelf that provides information about margin comments is ideal for college students with multiple classes and campus and job responsibilities.

The FAVORS Glossary is the ideal reference source for students of English and writing, and for all students who struggle with revising their papers. This is our company’s first edition. We are excited about the book and we hope you love it too. Thank you for purchasing a copy and happy reading!

Regina Y. Favors

President and Editorial Director, Favors Writing Management (FWM)

CEO and Chief Instructional Designer, Favors Learning Center (FLC)

Copyright 2011 Regina Y. Favors. All Rights Reserved

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